=Cross-platform IRC clients

==ChatZilla== ChatZilla runs as an addon for Firefox and Seamonkey, or standalone with the help of XULRunner, and as such is portable to all platforms on which Firefox can run.

==LeafChat== LeafChat is a graphical, standalone client written in Java, and runs anywhere there’s a suitable Java runtime.


jIRCii is a barely graphical standalone Java client, with a look and feel inspired by ircII but taking advantage of modern GUI functionality.

==Web Based Clients== Webchat interfaces are listed elsewhere, and are available anywhere there’s a working web browser.

==Linux/Unix Clients on Windows== Many of the terminal-based Unix/Linux IRC clients have been ported to run on Windows with the aid of Cygwin or MSYS. These ported clients may be awkward to use if not comfortable with console-mode applications, and primarily cater to advanced users.

The popular X11 client, xchat, also has a Windows version, which is a common alternative to mIRC on Windows systems.

==Windows Clients on Linux/Unix/OSX==

mIRC is known to work well with Wine.